Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Hair Bow Models!

Here are a few of my lovely Easter models!

Little Miss Jenna wearing The Chandler II.

Jenna's mom let me borrow Jenna's dress for a few days to pick out just the right shade of purple.

Jenna is proof that your child doesn't need tons of hair to wear a hair bow!

Emma is wearing A Classic Bow.

Her mom liked the Classic Bow style, but wanted it to be sized down a bit so it wouldn't over power Emma's sweet little face.
That is the great thing about Custom Made Bows... you get to have a hand in the creative process!

Daphne is wearing the LARGEST bow I've ever made! In fact, when I made it I was afraid it was too large so I made a 2nd one on a slightly smaller scale.
Daphne's mom loves big girly bows so she picked the larger of the two.
One of my goals is to create bows that match you and your personality!

My very own Riley sporting her Easter bow clipped to an infant headband.

What would a photo shoot be without a behind the scenes look?...


**Note: this was NOT my Easter outfit! This was my costume for our Easter musical at church!

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kristy.lynn said...

JEN. SERIOUSLY! These are just getting cuter! I LOOOOVE the bow you made for Caitlyn. SO VERY VERY CUTE!