Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Check out our newest creations!!

Infant/Toddler Bows
Price: $3.50 Each

These bows measure approximately 2.75 inches across.
The perfect size for a new baby or a toddler.
My oldest daughter, who is 5, also loves these bows.

Satin Flower:
Price: $4.50

Currently only available in this hot pink/white color combination.

Ultimate Sports Fan:
(Pick the colors for your favorite sports team)
Price: $4.50

Perfect for that ultimate University of Tennessee Football Fan

For the University of Georgia Football Lover!

Also available for Baseball and Softball fans!

The Riley:
Price: $4.50

Price: $1.50 Each

The perfect clip for a little girl trying to let those bangs grow out!!

The Chandler:
Price: $4.00 Each

A great twist on a classic bow style.
Measures approximately 3.5 inches across

The Chandler II:
Price: $3.50 Each

A slightly smaller version of The Chandler.
Measures approximately 2.5 inches across

The Princess Collection:
Price: $5.00

A Classic Bow with your favorite Disney Princess!

The Classic Bow:
Price $4.50 Each

A Classic Bow style with color accent flairs!
Add a bottle cap embellishment to the center for an additional $0.50

Initial Bow Hangers:
Price: $10 Each

(bows not included)
Need a place for all of those new bows?? Here's a great solution.
Pick the colors to match your child's bedroom, bathroom, etc.


Dawn René said...

So how possible would it be for an adult-type person to get a few clippies for herself, maybe, say for a Georgia game? :)

moj8668 said...

Love the sports bows! I'm a varsity cheerleading coach and would love chat with you about possibly outfitting my whole varsity (and possibly the JV) squad for next year. Pretty please?